Our company

The company Pastorelli Sport took its first steps in rhythmic gymnastics in 1983 thanks to the inspiration of the founder Umberto Pastorelli who, accompanied by his wife Elena, began to sell items of this sport on the occasion of various national competitions scattered throughout the Italian territory. Shortly after, Umberto decided to manufacture internally the first item: the Classico half shoes model.

This was followed by internal production of the ropes and the name of the company becoming increseangly known in the competition field.
After Umberto’s death in 1998, his son Giuseppe assumed leadership of the company. With the essential help of his mother and sisters Donatella and Stefania, over the years he has transformed Pastorelli Sport from a family business to a leading company in the field of Italian, European and World rhythmic and artistic gymnastics..
Today Pastorelli boasts totally internal production of equipment, accessories and sportswear.
The Pastorelli brand is a FIG official partner brand name and is known and sold worldwide.


Start of Internal production

Umberto Pastorelli makes the first item of Pastorelli's internal production: the Classico half shoes model. This item is still among the best sellers today. This is just the beginning of the long list of articles Made in Italy PASTORELLI.


Rodeo hoop

The name of the hoop takes inspiration from an international level gymnast who was the first to use this hoop during a competition. Since then the production of the Rodeo hoop has increased more and more. The Rodeo hoop, along with the Sidney hoop, is used by many national teams and has even been used at the Olympics.


Pastorelli's Tailoring department

The company decided to embark on the path of internal realization of leotards for rhythmic and artistic gymnastics. Initially hand-painted, they were soon replaced by digital technique. This technique allows the creation of designs and shades that over the years have made the PASTORELLI leotards increasingly in demand.


FIG certifications

In 2006 the Pastorelli company obtained the first FIG certifications for rhythmic gymnastics equipment. In addition to the five pieces of equipment, the carpet kit, consisting of the carpet and the wooden floor has also received the certification. Since then, the company has riceived 21 FIG certifications.


High Vision ball

The prototype glitter ball dates back to 2008. From the very first glitter balls made in the variants of black, pink and sky blue, the technique has gradually been enhanced thus allowing the production of a variety of colors.


Pastorelli Sport S.R.L.

The company, following important economic growth, from a sole proprietorship became an S.R.L. increasingly putting the world of rhythmic and artistic gymnastics at the base of its core business. To this was added the sports clothing sector designed for these two disciplines and for the universal world of fitness.


AGU sponsorship

In 2016 Pastorelli created a partnership with AGU, becoming official technical sponsor of the Asian Gymnastics Federation. This bond, renewed annually since 2016, has allowed the company to expand its horizons and to be known in many countries of the Asian continent.


Arché ribbon

Thanks to the use of technologically advanced machinery created specifically for the company, the production of Arché’s shaded ribbons started at the beginning of 2022. The vivid colors blend gently creating a chromatic effect that makes these ribbons very popular.